Animal Radio



Hosts: Hal Abrams and Judy Francis
Frequency: Weekly
Length: 2 hours
Terms: Cash or Barter
Delivery Method: Internet




Animal Radio® is a weekly two-hour talk show hosted by veteran air-talent Hal Abrams and Judy Francis, who guide listeners through lively and interactive discussions that address issues and concerns affecting pet-owners and their companions.

The highly-listener interactive show is woven with engaging interviews, celebrity guest shots and expert advice to help our companion animals live longer and healthier lives. Some celebrity guests include Glenn Close, Jenna Fischer, Betty White, Natasha Lyonne, Dr. Jane Goodall and Cesar Millan.


Animal Radio® was created in 2001 to bring attention to the severe pet overpopulation problem and the extreme euthanasia measures being practiced in shelters nationwide.  Through education and awareness, Animal Radio is helping animals live healthy, happier lives.

Hal Abrams is a major-market radio veteran turned Operations Manager of Animal Radio Network™ and co-host of Animal Radio®. He’s been a long-time animal advocate, spending weeks inside doghouses (literally) to raise money for SPCA’s throughout the U.S. In 1999, Hal left a 17 year morning-radio routine to create the largest and ‘most listened to’ animal radio programming.

Judy Francis joined Animal Radio Network™ as a secretary in 1999. Through hard work and determination she was able to learn the ins and outs of producing a radio show.  Now she is the Executive Producer (some say the master-mind behind ARN) for Animal Radio® as well as the co-host.


Paul Rodgers Guests on Animal Radio®
Dr. Jane Goodall Guests on Animal Radio®
Natasha Lyonne Guests on Animal Radio®
Fritz Coleman Guests on Envision Networks® Animal Radio®
Paula Poundstone Guests on Envision Networks® Animal Radio®