Barbecue Nation



Host: Jeff Tracy (JT)
Program Category: Cooking Show
Frequency: Daily Feature/Weekly Show
Length: 45 Seconds/2 Hours
Terms: Cash or Barter
Delivery Method: Internet



Barbecue Nation is the only nationally syndicated radio show covering cooking techniques and the outdoor lifestyle. The show includes segments featuring Meathead from AmazingRibs.com, Kansas City BBQ Society updates and National Barbecue News. The popularity of cooking networks has never been bigger, and “The Cowboy Cook” brings a great passion and love for barbecuing to his listeners. 

Barbecue Nation is about bringing people together and building relationships that last,” says Jeff Tracy (JT). “It’s easy cooking for everyone, not just those living an outdoor lifestyle.”

At a time when people are looking for a meaningful way to connect with others, Barbecue Nation reminds us that sitting down for a good meal is a great way to slow down and spend time together. Let Barbecue Nation resonate with your listeners.

About The Host:
Jeff Tracy (JT)
gained the nickname “The Cowboy Cook” from his upbringing which included his time competing in the horse world where he won national championships and world titles starting at the age of 16. JT earned his reputation as an entertainer through both radio and TV experience often appearing on ABC affiliates across the West Coast. 



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