Retire With Integrity



Host: Brian Bowen and Tug Cowart
Program Category: Financial Planning Show
Frequency: Weekly
Length: 2 hours
Terms: Cash or Barter
Delivery Method: Internet

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Retire with Integrity, is more than financial planning. It’s a two-hour common sense investment show hosted by expert Brian Bowen who’s engaging personality and practical advice fits right in with the topical subjects discussed each week.

Bowen and co-host Tug Cowart tackle timely financial planning topics including bitcoin, insurance, family planning, college tuition, 401Ks, IRAs, and stock market tips communicated in a creative, relatable, and easily understandable way. Retire with Integrity will be an appointment listening program for audience members who are interested in learning about finance and investing.

Perfect target for revenue-producing sponsorships
Retire with Integrity is ready-made for your sales team to attract multiple, local sponsorship opportunities. Banks, financial planners, investment companies and local colleges are just a handful of targets in your community that will lineup with content being presented in each week’s program.

About Brian and Tug
Brian Bowen is an investment advisor representative and the president of Integrity Financial Planning, Inc. He is also the president of CPA tax firm Impact Tax Group, LLC. He is a contributor to CNNMoney.com, Money.com and Fortune.com.

Tug Cowart is a veteran of the United States Navy and has spent 18 years in radio on music and talk radio shows and creates as well as hosts podcasts on music, sports, and money with various celebrities and authorities.


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